Let us introduce as company whith over 25 years of skillful experience whith meters/counters and others control elements.

Please review our list of best prices for counters that you might require.

For you testing purposes we would glady send you any of the fully guaranteed samples.
We offer yo make use of our well known short delivery-times for you requirements.

Also we offer our services to manufacture electromechanical components and coils at favorable prices and controlled quality.


STARCO CONTROL, S.L. present our general program.

Mechanical meters and Position indicators.
Indicadores digitales mecánicos de posición  

Electromechanical meters.

  Cuenta Impulsos Eletromecánicos

Electronic meters, Visualizers and Programmers.

Visualizador LCD  

Incremental and Absolute optic encoders.

Homologacion y certificación europea

Encoders ópticos incrementales y absolutos

Digital electronic tachometry by optic and laser contact.

STARCO CONTROL present the new series  ADVENT

Tacometros por contacto Optico/Laser

Fixed and portable thermometry.

Air Counters

Balances, Scales, Dynamometry, and Weighing and Controlling systems.

Windings, Mechanical and Electromechanical Mountings.

Sporting and Leisure Weighing elements.

Metereologic elements and systems.

Meters and controls elements repair and checking.

Official certificates and calibration of weighing and contr.elements..


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